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Looking For A Chicago Foreclosure

The Windy City of Chicago on the shore of Lake Michigan is one of America’s great towns, with world-class shopping, museums, dining, educational facilities, and entertainment. Chicago is famous for having been the birthplace of Deep Pan Pizza and is home to five major league sports teams. It offers sailing on the lake in summer and skating in winter; Chicago has something for everyone and if you would like to find a home in the Chicago area, one of your best opportunities could be in buying a Chicago foreclosure.

Many Chicago area realtors offer listings of Chicago foreclosure properties, and with their familiarity with the Chicago and greater Cook County area can be of great service in helping you find the perfect Chicago foreclosure home.

If you are considering a move to Chicago, a good place to start would be by looking at Internet websites which have Chicago foreclosure listings. One of these sites is the Chicago Foreclosure Report, where you can find details on the most recent Chicago foreclosure litigation. This site is the top source for information on homes in the foreclosure process within Cook County.

The Chicago Foreclosure Report and RealtyTrac

The Chicago Foreclosure Report site will provide you with the updated listings if foreclosures in and around Chicago as soon as you subscribe. You won’t even have to pay anything to give the site a try, because it offers a one week free trial so that you can decide whether or not it will be useful to you in your search for a Chicago foreclosure.

The RealtyTrac site is also very useful for those needing information on all Chicago foreclosure properties. RealtyTrac does not limit its foreclosure listings to a specific part of the country; they have updated records of foreclosures in very area of the US. RealtyTrac is equipped to help you with ever aspect of your move should you decide to purchase a Chicago foreclosure. They can assist you in finding a lender, realtor, and even a mover. And like the Chicago Foreclosure Report site, RealtyTrac will give you a one-week free trial so that you can try out their services. The site will also guarantee that their services may save you between twenty and fifty percent off your costs.

Check The Tribune

Chicago foreclosure property is required to be advertised in the local newspapers before it is auctioned, so if you visit your library you can find the available properties being posted in the classified ads. The advertised properties will be heading for auction on the Cook County Court House steps in a very short time, so if you see a listing you find promising, you should contact the listing lender immediately. If, for some reason, the auction on a Chicago foreclosure is delayed, the Chicago tribune will have a listing of the new auction date.

If your local library does not have the Chicago Tribune, you can still visit the Tribune website and access the Chicago foreclosure listings there. Or you can call Illinois Public Records at 603-557-1000 for whatever information you need.

There is plenty of help readily available if you want to explore all the possibilities than purchasing a Chicago foreclosure can add to your life!

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